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Hello. My name is Anthony. I am the owner of Take Your Business To The Next Level. I am here to do just as my business name says and take your business to the next level. I do that by creating a website you would be proud of.

QUESTION: Has anyone who wanted to do business with you ever asked you what your web address was? When you told them no you didn’t have one, how did you feel? Even though you may have given them your Facebook page or your Instagram page, that is not what they asked for. The reason they asked for your website FIRST, not your Instagram or Facebook page, is because they know your website would contain ALL the information they would need to do business with you. With a website, there is no limit or restrictions of the amount of information you can give a potential customer. Now, if you felt bad or uncomfortable when you said you didn’t have a website, then please understand this, as of today, you will NEVER, EVER have to say no to someone who asks for your web address again because now you can get a professional website of your own and at a price you can afford. 

Now, please allow me to tell you a little about the websites and a few policies.

(1) I do not do clothing websites. I also do not do the entertainment/music industry and music artists websites. If you sell products, as long as you have UNDER 30 items, I will do your website.

(2) I am available to speak with you 7 days a week even on holidays. My available hours are from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. EST. because I am in Pennsylvania. The number to call is (215) 330-5185 or you can email me at:  TakeYourBusinessToAnotherLevel@gmail.com  I feel part of what I do is to make myself always available for my clients.

(3) Your website will have a web address of www.TheNameOfYourBusiness.com. You will be able to pick any web address you want. When a person types in your web address it will go DIRECTLY to your website. It WILL NOT go to some company’s web site and then to yours. This is very, very important. You will also get an email address. Your email address can be something like: president@TheNameOfYourBusiness.com. Again you pick the email address you want.

(4) Your website will consist of pictures if you choose to have pictures.

(5) Once your website is created, changes are made absolutely FREE. All you have to do is call or email me with the changes and the changes will be made.

(6) Your website will be created to your specifications. If you have an idea as to how you want your website to look such as what colors to use or layout, please let me know. If there is another website on the internet that you really like, write down the web address, I will look at it and I will follow that format as closely as possible when creating your website.

(7) Your website will be created and on the internet for everyone to see in 72 hours. That’s right, not a week, not a month but from the time I receive your information, it will only take 3 business days. When you finally decide to Take Your Business To The Next Level, please understand you DO NOT have to have every single piece of information perfect and in order to start this process. It’s a fact and a guarantee that if I was in front of you and you feel you have given me all your information, the minute I walk out that door you will say to yourself “I forgot to add this or add that. I should have changed the wording in this paragraph or that paragraph. I wonder if I put the right phone number in”. I know this because this happens ALL THE TIME. This is why changes are made absolutely FREE. So please DO NOT feel you have to have everything perfect to start your website.

(8) In 2019, there are 2 types of websites out there. The 1st type is a regular, normal website with MULTIPLE pages like (about us) (contact us) (services) (photo gallery) and you click each link to get to the other pages in your website. The 2nd type of website is the 1 page website where everything is on 1 page. It is just like a regular website but instead of you clicking from one page to the next page to the next and so on, all your information is right on that 1 page. All a person has to do is just scroll down and the information is right there for them to view.

(9) There is NO set up fee, NO monthly charges and NO hidden charges. To start the process requires a 50% deposit. When your website is created, if you are satisfied and you approve, then the other 50% should be paid at that time.

There are 3 prices for the websites I create. The prices are as follows.

$100.00 – 1 page website. – $50.00 deposit to start.
$200.00 – Up to 6 pages. – $100.00 deposit to start.
$300.00 – Up to 12 pages. – $150.00 deposit to start.

When paying for your website, you can pay for the whole website at once or you can do what most people do which is pay the 50% deposit and pay the balance once the website is done. 

To see sample websites, please click on the links below.

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4
Sample 5 
Sample 6

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